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Value of Leadership Programs


We assist clients in the development and implementation of their business strategy. Once agreed, we work in partnership to develop tailored leadership programs for the Executive team. Behavioural observations supported by research suggest that outstanding leaders generate enthusiasm, energy and focus on what they need to do.


Outstanding leaders trust themselves, have strong interpersonal communication skills, receive feedback openly and are accountable. They have the capacity to self-regulate and manage their anxiety, appearing calm when engaging with others.


Top leaders are able to push back as required by having the difficult conversations with key stakeholders, yet they are empathic. Individual leadership programs at Global Partnerships will enable you to tap into your capacity to be an outstanding leader.


The directors and alliance partners at Global Partnerships are trained in many modalities to assist you to achieve your individual excellence. As Psychologists with deep financial services and related organisational expertise, we observe behaviour, are intuitive and deliver results for the Executive and the Organisation.


We will support you to build your skills when you are ready to tap into your underlying excellence to become an extraordinary leader.


We offer tailored programs for leadership training, succession planning and team development.


What you will gain:

  • How to become a transformational leader and still recognise the value of transactional leadership.
  • Learning to self-regulate, by having difficult discussions and keeping people on side when dealing with all levels of executives and staff.
  • Influencing outcomes whilst maintaining authenticity.
  • Emotional intelligence tools that you can use to achieve the desired outcomes.