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Business in the Board Room Luncheons


The team at Global Partnerships are proud to host quarterly Business in the Boardroom events.


These events, which are usually held in Australia, bring together industry professionals and experts who are exclusively invited to join us for a round table discussion led by the featured ‘guest speaker’ – a carefully selected speaker and trusted adviser, who shares key insights and observations.



Some of our recent guest speakers include: 

  • Symon Brewis-Weston | NED, Money3 Corporation Limited, NED, Stockco Australian (formerly CEO, Flexigroup Pty Ltd and CEO, Sovereign)
  • Peter Wilson AM, | Chairman of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)
  • Sonya Clancy | Chief People Officer, Bank Australia, Chair, The Big Issue
  • George Nelson | CEO, Opportunity Logistics


Global Partnerships’ Business in the Boardroom luncheons are a fantastic opportunity to broaden your professional network.





Global Partnerships’ Business in the Boardroom luncheons are a fantastic opportunity to broaden your professional network, by sharing a meal (and perhaps a glass of wine!) whilst engaging with thought leaders who are experts in their field.




On Tues 5 December 2017, Lynda Petrovski, Managing Director of Global Partnerships and George Nelson, CEO of Opportunity Logistics proudly presented a Leadership Seminar at the Grand Hyatt, Melbourne as guest speakers of the Governance Institute of Australia's 34th Annual Conference - "Governance in a world of disruption". 


Lynda and George discussed the topic of:

“Dealing with Disruption, Complexity and Transformation as a future Non-Executive Director”



Their discussion began by exploring threats to NED Governance and Leadership, both now and into the future, and then focussed on the critical need for Disruption, Transformation and Innovation, changing the landscape from Business Administration to Business Opportunity.  


The one-hour 'breakout session' was well-received by the 100+ delegates who attended, and provoked an engaging dialogue, especially concerning the Innovation and Governance "Hacks" which looked at what makes a Board innovatively robust.









George and Lynda passionately covered their topics, examining from a psychological and practice perspective the behaviours required to demonstrate foresight, innovation, courage and disruption in the Boardroom. 


They talked about the importance of Emotional Intelligence, collaboration, strategic thinking, ethics, how to be agile and read tone in the Boardroom, reducing rogue behaviour; to the importance of ideation, inspiration, and being accountable.  They examined studies of organisations that were game changers, and their capacity to exhibit disruption and innovation in the Boardroom.



“We enjoyed the way George and Lynda intertwined the Psychological Aspects of behaviour to innovation, disruption and transformation”.
- Conference Delegate


George and Lynda, developed an innovation index which displayed the Innovation profile of Board Members and Executive Leaders and nominated audience members to show the index in action. 



For more information, please contact: or 




Lynda Petrovski and Alison Budgen participated in APS 11th Industrial and Organisational Psychology Conference in 2015.

They presented on: "The Art of Recruiting an Outstanding Leader Globally"


Lynda Petrovski and Alison Budgen conducted a 90-minute workshop whereby participants obtained a deep understanding of the essential factors when embarking on a Global Executive Search Process.


This 90-minute workshop provided participants with a deep understanding of the essential factors when embarking on a Global Executive Search process.




Approach: The workshop explored a range of issues including: the importance of securing an accurate brief, working in partnership with key stakeholders, market mapping research versus social media, factors unique to the Australian context when considering hiring local versus global talent, remuneration issues to consider when attracting "C" Suit leaders, combined with the importance of evidence based recruiting versus 'gut feel'.  We also explored the value of psychometic tools in assessing cultural suitability and succession planning, considerations pertaining to diversity and how to navigate through the negotiations process to secure a final offer.




Outcomes: Feedback obtained from audience participants was positive and Lynda Petrovski and Alison Budgen, felt that our workshop was well received by HR Professionals, Independent Consultants and Organisational Psychologists combined with Senior Managers working within recruitment and talent acquisition roles.


 We welcome any enquiries about our ability to identify "Outstanding Leaders Globally"


At our July 2016 ‘Business in the Boardroom’ luncheon we discussed;

Mentoring up – what constitutes effective mentoring at a senior executive level?


Wednesday 27 July 2016; on a cold but sunny winter’s day in Melbourne, in the dining room of a beautiful Victorian heritage listed building known as ‘The Willows’; the team at Global Partnerships were delighted to welcome a dynamic group of senior executive leaders to share their thoughts and experiences on mentoring.



Our captivating guest speaker was Peter Wilson AM; Chairman of the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI), and also the Australian Network on Disability Limited.



Peter generously offered his insights on the subject of mentoring, shared interesting statistics, examined the roles and principles of mentoring for both mentor/mentee, what makes structured workplace mentoring programs work (or not), as well as practical tips for applying effective mentoring in challenging cultural situations.


Peter also shared some of the personal stories covered in his book published in 2012 & 2015; “Make Mentoring Work” with each guest taking home a signed copy. The stories were inspiring, laugh-out-loud funny at times, and reflected the wisdom Peter so willingly imparts on those fortunate enough to meet him.


Each of the guests had a chance to discuss their own experiences and challenges with mentoring, and the conversation over lunch ended all too quickly, with the general sense that we all could have happily sat there continuing the discussion for the rest of the afternoon!


Peter’s book “Make Mentoring Work” 2nd Edition is available for purchase from various online bookstores.



If you have any questions about our range of services, or would like the chance to attend one of Global Partnerships future events, please do not hesitate to contact us: