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Bravo Consulting Group Pty Ltd, trading as Bravo Careers was established in December 2008 by founder and Managing Director - Dale Simpson. 


Dale who holds a Masters in Career Development from Edith Cowan University has worked within education and management for over thirty years in corporate environments.


Having begun his professional work as a Career Development Specialist in 1992 with Drake International.  Dale has been a champion of personal/tailored career management solutions supporting both corporate, executive and individual clients.

Bravo Consulting Group supports both individual and corporate clients with tailored career transition, educational and management services. 


Utilising a coaching and mentoring methodology meeting the Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners (as defined by the Federal Government and becoming effective from January 1st, 2012), the Bravo team of career development specialists have focused our service delivery in the following core areas:

  • Career Development, Transition and Management (including Coaching and Outplacement)
  • Educational Services / Workshops
  • Executive Coaching / Leadership Development
  • Bravo Ability Services (BAS) – Supporting employees with a disability in their career development
  • Organisational Capability Coaching


Bravo exists to work with organisations in creating champions and applauding success.  People derive meaning from their work and Bravo’s role is to coach our clients to a level of understanding that allows them to live their lives more fully in and through their careers. 


We take pride in our commitment and demonstrated ability to provide client-centred service and support to all with care and compassion.  Clients who invite us to support them with their change and transition honour what we do and themselves.



Dale Simpson, Founder and Managing Director 



To enable organisations to experience transformational change in how they view and manage their people.  To help people live more successfully in and through their careers and work and to bring career management services to as many people and organisations as we can as an effective lever for development of leaders and leadership potential.  With our head office in Melbourne, Bravo can provide services across Australia, New Zealand and international cities.